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I was in Australia fundraising for The Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre and someone gave me a book to read called From Cancer to Wellness: the forgotten secrets. I couldn’t put it down. It was written by Kristine Matheson. I was so impressed with her book and her thoughts on raw food that I immediately asked her to contribute some of her recipes.

Olivia Newton-John reveals in her book LivWise ‘In early 2010 September 7, 2015

♥ ‘Hi Krissy, On behalf of the world and myself I want to express more gratitude to you than I could have ever previously imagined. By following the protocol in your book, your emails and the principles you showed us in the Health retreat, I have gone from immediately needing a radical prostectomy to cut out the cancer to having no sign of cancer in my body. By following the food and nutrition protocols I have not only eliminated the cancer but have also received numerous other health benefits. I am feeling the best I have felt for years. The arthritis has cleared up enormously and the upset stomach no longer occurs. I have made it through winter so far without any illness while people around me seem to be dropping like flies.

My journey has been monitored through PSA testing, MRI scanning and Biopsy’s through the Peter MacCallum Cancer institute here in Melbourne.

Last week I had a series of biopsy samples taken. They medically confirmed what we expected and you knew. Although there were a few irregular cells in a couple of the samples, there were no samples that registered any Gleeson scores. My PSA is around 2. All signs of cancer have disappeared!

I shall continue to follow your protocols for the rest of my life as the health benefits far outweigh the inconveniences of some lifestyle changes.

My family and I are forever grateful’.

Ross Edwards Melbourne September 4, 2015

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♥“I believe that Angels walk this earth and if the timing is right you may be fortunate enough to meet one… Kristine Matheson you are truly an Angel. You have changed our lives and saved one. Words cannot express my gratitude”.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Shannon Slunjski NSW September 4, 2015

“I have known Kristine for the past 8 years, both professionally and personally. Kris is a lady who walks her talk. Over this time she has helped countless people change their diet and lifestyle to become healthy and well. Kris’s main focus is in helping her clients overcome cancer and other chronic diseases through her raw food, meditation and fitness strategies. I have personally witnessed clients go from sick and depressed to well and happy by following her regimes. For anyone who is struggling with their health I highly recommend you contact Kristine.”

Donna Louise Attard September 4, 2015

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‘Dealing with the shock of being diagnosed with any type of cancer is devastating; in most cases, it brings thoughts of death and in all cases makes people aware of how precious time is, as people want to know how much time they have got left.

Cancer is not a death sentence. It is perhaps one of the greatest opportunities for people to change the way they have been living. Cancer can be viewed from many different angles. For example, for the pharmaceutical industry cancer is a business based on market share. For medical oncologist is an opportunity to make a name for themselves in the pharmaceutical world by entering patients into clinical trials and using a variety of chemotherapeutic agents based on the “latest research”. This research is sponsored and closely monitored by the pharmaceutical companies themselves. In this scenario, the companies write their conclusion first and then proceed to do the trial by designing Clinical Research Files (CRF’s) with a very narrow and thus highly selective patient inclusion and exclusion criteria. This methodology will aim to give a 5 year survival. For the cancer industry this length of time represents a cure for any patient that survives beyond 5 years. When the cancer returns it is labelled advanced cancer and in most cases is metastatic, meaning it is spread to other organs and tissues in the body. For the government it is a way to generate employment to people by making them bureaucrats of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), an organization that gives authority to use pharmaceutical products by providing a license to market pharmaceutical and nutritional products. The cancer industry or cancer market is one of the two pillars that guarantee the greatest returns to shareholders, the other one being the cardiovascular business. So cancer is a very lucrative business. What does this has to do with finding and treating the cause of cancer? Absolutely nothing! What does this has to do with the prevention of cancer? Absolutely nothing!

The answer to conquer and prevent cancer is in nutrition. Very few people are aware of this. Nutrition needs to be at provided at the soul, spirit, emotional and physical level. This means we need to nourish our souls, mind, spirit and body with quality daily nutrition.

Kristine Matheson has made a very significant contribution to preventing and conquering cancer by spreading the word through her book about the importance of nutrition in keeping a healthy body and in most cases restoring harmony into people’s lives by means of daily nutrition. To do so, she shares her experience in her book entitled From Cancer to Wellness the forgotten secrets: A 28 day step by step handbook for beating cancer, all based in daily nutrition for the body.

Cancer changed Kristine’s life for the best. She has become a well-known author and a public speaker voicing out the importance that the role that the environment, stress, life style, lack of physical activity, repressed and suppressed emotions resulting in destructive thoughts and lack of physical nutrition play in the development of cancer.

In her book she tells us what we need to do to eat healthy and in the process become wise by making the right choices.

Kristine has gone beyond writing and publishing her book. She is now living on a mission with a vision. She has teamed up with others to spread her wings and touch many lives by sharing her wisdom and understanding about the importance of restoring harmony through nutrition. The recognition through the nomination for this award does not only includes her but all the people whose lives have changed thanks to what she shares in her conversations, presentations and of course her book’.

Dr Carlos Orozco BSc, MSc, ND, PhD, Adv Dip Nutr September 4, 2015

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“Kristine Matheson is one truly remarkable woman who has meticulously recorded her journey from terminal illness to abundant health. Along the way she has gathered a wealth of life changing information that has proved effective, not only in her own case, but in the lives of many others also. Kristine questioned the conventional medical protocols for treating disease with drugs and surgery. She investigated the cause of her sickness, implemented lifestyle changes then assisted nature in her efforts to expel impurities and re-establish right conditions in her system. The result – a vibrant, healthy, cancer-free health educator who is willing to share her gems of light with you. “From Cancer to Wellness” is a comprehensive, yet simple guide for anyone who is willing to take responsibility for their own health.”

Gary Martin ND Founder of Living Valley Springs Health Retreat Kin Kin Queensland September 4, 2015

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♥ “I heard amazing things your book through other survivors. I am in San Jose, CA but originally from Brazil. Unfortunately, my cousin back home is now a Stage 4 Breast Cancer. She went through fertility treatments, and now that her baby is 4 months old she is dealing with this hard situation. I would love to send her your book but cannot find it in Portuguese. Is it available? If not, I can just spend some time translating it for her.

♥ “Kristine has had a massive positive influence on many of my customers. We do a lot of nutritional and natural medicines and her input and advice has helped my customers get a better perspective on life and make them feel like they make a difference in the world.

Everyone that meets her immediately begins to understand what she has been through and how she is using this knowledge to change people’s lives. It has been on many occasions where Kristine would spend hours on the phone to my customers offering assistance and reassurance in their time of need. Many of Kristine’s friends have come from being diagnosed with cancer and felt like they had nothing left to do but get their affairs in order, but after meeting with Kristine they have had a life changing experience and truly believe that they can get through this troubling time.

Not only with cancer sufferers but also with her Nutritional and holistic approach to the world, Kristine continues to affect people in every way imaginable”.

Jack Hammond Owner/Pharmacist, Oz Compound Pharmacy Mermaid Beach Queensland September 4, 2015

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“I first met Kris Matheson through a “Health and Fitness” programme she and her husband organised for charity in early 2010 with a group that I attended for 3 months. She is the author of “From Cancer to Wellness” I was extremely stressed, had very high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I had previously had surgery for malignant breast cancer and also suffered a prolapsed disc in my lower back (which happened 14 years ago and prevented me from doing all forms of exercise) Of course this resulted in my weight gain and made my conditions worse.

Kris was my mentor and my friend. She guided me, an unconfident sick woman with nutritional advice and knowledge. She was loving and caring and was unconditionally there for me through my struggle to get well as well as losing weight to help me with my conditions. She spent hours giving me counselling and just talking. Because of Kris’s help I now have normal blood pressure, know how to manage my back and believe it or not I am walking jogging, and exercising. WOW. I am more confident in myself and don’t have stress in my life.

Kris is a “Woman Or Substance” she never ever turns anyone down when they need to talk, needs counselling ,or help and support with illnesses particularly cancer. Her passion is helping anyone who needs her.

Kris has had cancer herself (she cured herself of stage 4 Melanoma) with the advice and knowledge she wrote in her book. She has had to be there for her parents who were extremely ill. Unfortunately her Dad passed away. But whilst going through all this she still never turned anyone at all away that needed her.

She is a bright light and a shining star an angel. She deserves recognition, her dedication will never stop. Thank you Kris….You have given my life back to me”.

Joy Clarke Molendinar Queensland September 4, 2015

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Luke Davey’s Story

“Luke and I were born and adopted from the same hospital Marrickville in Sydney; we proudly referred to ourselves as “brothers from another mother”. Luke was a fantastic person who overcame enormous tragedy following the death of his parents when he was of very young age. He was adopted and a pillar for what all adopted people should stand for stand for, appreciative of life, one lived with a shared kindness and he fought extremely hard to savour it until the very, very end. He was an inspiration to all those around him and I will miss him forever.

Lukey had been plagued by stomach troubles which advanced to colon cancer for much of his adult life. Several months ago Luke had asked me to accompany him to the oncology ward at our local hospital where he was given the devastating news that the doctors felt traditional therapies were no longer of option and we were told to go home and preserve any remaining quality of life he may have left. At this stage, doctors had indicated he only had a couple of weeks of life left and this was something Luke could never accept, especially being the proud single father of 5 lovely daughters, the youngest still in her teenage years and 3 very special grandchildren.

Like anybody, we were desperate to try anything we could and doctors had graciously warned us of not expending enormous amounts of money on some of the radical treatments out there. We heard the doctors but life is precious and we were looking for treatment options everywhere, via the internet, via friends, in fact anywhere we could gather some hope. And then via the Allan Jones Radio Show in Sydney my mother heard about Kristine Matheson… I went straight to the internet, heard the replay of Kristine’s interview with Allan and we met Kristine at a book signing 2 days later; Lukey was a deathly grey.

The genuine time this wonderful lady spent with us while potential customers of her book were walking past her table I will never forget. Kristine was not in any way concerned about us absorbing her time; in fact she gave Luke heartfelt and genuine encouragement, when all others had given up. To hear her own personal experience and the successful victory over her own cancer was inspiring. Do not give up Luke….and she was right….100%.

Luke went thru Kristine’s wellness program and for the first time in his adult life was free of the stomach and colon problems that had plagued him. In a matter of just weeks his colour had returned to a glowing red and apart from the deep pain seated within the glands in his lower back, Luke and I both were sure he was on the road to recovery. The doctors must have also agreed that Luke had improved, because they decided to change their earlier assessment when he was near 3 months past his expected expiry date and offered Luke a renewed opportunity of conventional medicine (radiation) in order to help relieve his back pain.

Kristine advised us to stick fast to the program and seek alternate therapies instead of radiation.

Unfortunately Luke was caught in 2 places but made the decision to give the radiation a shot while sticking to all other facets of Kristine’s wellness program. I wish we could have seen what was around the corner but it was not to be……. in Luke’s very first dose of radiation the treatment was to burn a hole in Luke’s stomach lining leading to internal bleeding and his passing. I felt so sad for my mate, my brother, my mentor who had tried so hard to fight this terrible disease and I felt so sorry for a wonderful lady called Kristine Matheson who had given so much of her time, her caring, her unwavering support to help save Luke’s life when all other professionals had given up months before. Luke was only 51 years old.

Kristine I’m sorry we did not get to see Luke beat the disease he fought so hard to overcome as he and I both knew; he was winning the battle. Luke would want me to tell as many people as possible about your wellness program and the genuine sincerity you gave of yourself to help him when he needed it most. On the day he died, while the internal bleeding from the radiation was causing him an extreme amount of pain and suffering he asked me to thank you and your husband Wayne for all your unconditional support.

I am so sorry we did not get to complete your program of which Luke was well progressing as a testament to your tireless efforts in helping people successfully beat this tragic disease, but if there is one thing I may do to encourage and recognise your continued heartfelt efforts of a fantastic lady who can really change the world.

May god bless both you and your efforts and see you succeed in this hard fought battle in achieving a cancer cure and awareness. On behalf of Lukey and all present and future cancer sufferers – I support and admire you. I ask with all my heart that on behalf of my beautiful brother that you please never give up.

Jason McMillan Miami Beach Queensland September 4, 2015

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‘My life was dramatically impacted by the exercise and nutrition challenge I was on, not only for those reasons but because of the role models Krissy and her husband Wayne were. I am on medication for a depressive illness and my medication is being redirected for the better as a result of knowing Krissy. Her story and life is inspirational’. Yours Faithfully,

Sarah – Robina Queensland September 4, 2015

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♥ “Since meeting Kris, my life has turned around. I was an overweight, unfit, unhealthy 60 year old who was looking at escalating health problems (cholesterol, blood pressure, joint pain and the onset of diabetes).

Now I am fitter, thinner and with no health problems that I am aware of. My mental attitude has changed for the better. My lifestyle has improved and I get up every morning, looking forward to the day and the future.

Without Kris’s advice, care, knowledge and support, I was looking at a sad ongoing life. Her awareness of what goes on and her ability to “give”, is a bonus to all who meet her.

Barbara, Parkwood Queensland September 4, 2015

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♥ “Kristine Matheson had written a book (a bible) for cancer victims. We contacted her and went to one of her book signings where she met my sister. Kris had never met my sister, however if you had been standing out in the crowd looking in, you would have thought they were old friends. Kris has a loving and caring soul and together with her knowledge my sister left with a feeling of hope.

We wish you well Kris, to be nominated for this award is a testament to you, but know we already believe, you already are “INSPIRATIONAL”


THE ROBEL FAMILY September 4, 2015

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♥ “In the beginning of 2010 I was diagnosed with cancer I purchased a book called ‘From cancer to wellness “the forgotten secrets”‘ and my journey began. I rang Kristine and I found that she couldn’t help enough and I felt positive that I would be able to get through this. Last year was one of the most difficult years of my life. Kristine showed me nothing but kindness and supported me when I didn’t think I had the strength to keep going. She even invited me into her home and looked after me till I got back on my feet. I am now cancer free. She truly does walk her talk as they say. Her kindness and determination to help all those that have been dealt such a cruel hand is unwavering. She absolutely glows when she hears that someone has beaten their cancer. She is an outstanding human being and definitely an inspiration to me. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter”.

Ingrid Weber Palm Beach Queensland September 4, 2015

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“I have known Kristine Matheson for a number of years. We first became acquainted in 2005 when she visited Living Valley Springs as a guest participating in one of our 10 day programs. Kristine immediately conveyed a high degree of enthusiasm about health while exhibiting a wealth of previously acquired knowledge which impressed us greatly.

I am constantly amazed by the amount of energy Kristine has and does put into informing people about health. Not only does she freely impart her abundant knowledge but also devotes many hours of her personal time physically helping people. She is definitely a very unselfish and giving person with a high degree of integrity and sincerity.

I wish her many years of good health and vitality as she is such a vital and extremely useful member of the community.

Graham Taylor ND BHSc member of ANPA, DNA Specialist, Buderim Queensland September 4, 2015

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“Thank you for delivering your book to me personally, and all the help you provided – I was in a state of panic when we met. Your book was easy to read and even with my language difficulties, I was able to understand. It took me only five months to be very healthy again thanks to you and the information in your wonderful book. Krissy, my face is like peaches and cream all the scaring is gone.

Marie Axmann Burleigh Queensland September 4, 2015

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“I just wanted to say thank you, I heard you on the radio last year talking about your struggle with cancer and for some strange reason I went out and purchased your book. Several months later my husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer after his biopsy came back positive from a T.U.R.P. operation , no need to tell you how we felt, and my husband was ready to sign the dotted line, but for some reason , maybe because we were so shocked the doctor told us to go home and think about it. We did, my husband read your book that night, decided to do it your way. Four months later, his PSA reading is 0.3 down from 3.9 no more mention of operation and specialist. The program helped me too (I did it with Hubby to make life easier ) I lost excess weight that was refusing to budge and we both feel much healthier, thank you, thank you, thank you”.

Lorna Barnett September 4, 2015

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“I would like to thank you very much, my mother bought your book From Cancer to Wellness not long after the story on Today Tonight Adelaide approximately 2010. I had been suffering with Melanoma for 20 years leading from stage 1 to stage 3. After having 3 of the stage 3 removed the book was purchased as a present and my mother she told me what did I have to loose, so I read through the basics, started the steps and live chemical free including bar soaps that did not contain sulphur laureth sulphite, it then moved through all my products and wiped it out completely. I had recently had 2 moles removed from my left leg which looked dangerous, my results came back as though I never had the melanoma at all, it has now been reversed. A very big thank you from the bottom of my

Linda Morrison Adelaide September 4, 2015

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‘Dear Krissy thank you so much for this amazing transforming retreat. The many aspects you cover in the retreat and with guest speakers provide a solid foundation for me to move forward and incorporate important changes in my life and my family to become and stay healthy. I am so thrilled and honoured to have met you all and receive this training and experience. The accommodation was so beautiful beside the beach. The food was so delicious and I love that it is so healthy. I loved our mornings at the beach with Wayne and the evening meditation and the band (tubing) work. Donna’s presentations on hypnotherapy and aromatherapy were very informative and delivered well. I am feeling very inspired and excited by the information. I am looking forward to hearing about and attending future retreats. Much love and gratitude to you all’

Kindest regards

Athena Kelcey (Finance Compliance Analyst) Fairlight NSW September 4, 2015

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Love and blessings to you both Kristine & Wayne and your team for providing a magical weekend in such a beautiful place – its heaven on earth truly!! I love the fact that you keep the group intimate as it expresses a family experience and an opportunity to get to know each other. The food is truly wonderful, tasty, colourful, and very nutritious. Thank you for an experience I know I will take with me into my family and healing circle’.


Angela Li Melbourne September 4, 2015

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Just to say thanks for making me welcome at the Shambhala retreat last weekend. What a beautiful place.. and it was lovely to get to know yourself and Wayne. I gathered some good information and was wowed by your delicious raw food Krissy every day I am a foodie/cook and really appreciated all the love and thought gone into it all, thankyou. Wayne, I got the stretchy bands out this morning and showed my exercise partner a few of your moves, also thanks for the lovely walks along the beach. After your retreat I’ve returned to practicing meditation thanks to Donna and Wayne re awakening my hunger for spirit…… thankyou. I wanted to go home the first few days as ‘that was’ my pattern (and something my parents did!!!) fright and flight so I’m glad I stayed and worked through it. It taught me a lesson that I can actually do that!! Stick around and things work out.. Haha, so easy when you know eh. Thanks to you all for your genuinely caring input

Sue Hamilton September 4, 2015

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‘The concept of the workshop is brilliant and the content delivered with real passion (which is important). I liked the positive energy amongst the group, the quality of the food and the fact that I could de-stress, relax and forget about work’.

Colleen Wray Organic Palm Beach and New Market Brisbane September 4, 2015

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‘Excellent food, service, exercise, meditation, health and healing content and overall presentation. You guys know what you are doing. The feeling of total relaxation. Feel very good inside right NOW’!!

Amanda Pettit Doonan Queensland September 4, 2015

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‘The weekend was more than I expected. I liked learning a little on meditation and clearing the mind. If I was ever lucky enough to win lotto it would be spent helping you set up your own retreat’.

Kevin Laing Robina Queensland September 4, 2015

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‘Just wanted to thank you for opening my mind about health. You have helped to change my life and I am so grateful for that. I’m excited to start my new life and to hopefully start to change my friends and families lives as well. Definitely want to come back’.

Susannah Craig September 4, 2015

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‘Very thankful for you all. Had the best time and hope to apply everything in my daily life and share it with as many people as I can’.

Tanya Shanks Mackay Queensland September 4, 2015

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‘Overall I have felt that this retreat has really opened my eyes and made me realise a lot more about life, “My Body” and the correct procedures and to try my hardest to change my ways. The information has been very informative, inspiring and really uplifting. Krissy, Wayne and Donna I thank you from the bottom of my heart to which I am truly grateful’.

Michael Lachlan Worongary Queensland September 4, 2015

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Hi Kris I hope this email finds you well! Its Irene and Rob here, we are both well and working hard for the healing. Rob is feeling good, follows your protocol and talk about you often 🙂 You are his idol!

Irene Greve London UK September 4, 2015

♥ Dear Kristine, “I just wanted to say a big thank you for your wonderful book.  It was my Mum’s bible during her bowel cancer healing back in 2013 and it was also my Bible during my own uterine cancer journey 2016 to 2017.  Thank you, thank you for the supplement section which I foud especially useful.  I am cancer free, and so is my Mum.  I have your book and I have recommended to so many people.  Much love and light to you – big hugs.  Radhika Ragini Nanala”. London, United Kingdom.

‘It was an awesome week and I hope the dreams you have about having your own retreat comes to pass.  Bless you guys and thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge.  Greg Ruxton, Mt Gravatt, Queensland

‘Thank you for your care and attention.  I feel well nurtured and surrounded with much love and care as well.  I have appreciated all the information and knowledge I have learned and been given.  It has helped enormously. I am forever grateful for such wonderful weekend and for meeting such lovely and giving people’ Maria Muccitelli, Victoria

  ‘A fun educational enlightening week.  Great people, brilliant food, quality exercises and an amazing place.  It was an honour to meet you all and a pleasure to have spent the time at the retreat’.  Melissa Parker – Northern NSW

 Everything came up to my expectations. I found the food content, service, exercise, meditation, health and healing content, meetings, overall presentation, all were excellent.  I was looked after very well.  The information on disease and how to prevent it and learning that raw vegetarian meals need not be boring was what I liked the most’.  Jenifer, Brisbane.anrtowellness.com

  Hi Kristine and congratulations!!!
I wanted to say well done. Also I wanted to say, I have done the same things you have mentioned on your web page and no longer have Multiple sclerosis lesions in my brain. Well done on getting your message out there. God bless Danelle

  Kristine, I managed to beat my throat cancer completely in 3 months, starting with a detox and some natural therapies at Living Valley Springs, followed by some good food choices ( low on sugar and carbohydrates and high on raw foods), selected natural supplements and regular exercise. Cheers / Arthur

 “Kristine Matheson, was my mentor and trainer for a weight loss challenge I did for a significant time in 2010. Kristine far exceeded the course of duty in every way in mentoring and leading me and a number of others through this course.

Kristine gave wholeheartedly of her time, experience, and money she could have been earning as she charged none. It was all from her heart and her neverending generousity.

My life was dramatically impacted by the exercise and nutrition challenge I was on, not only for those reasons but because of the role models Krissy and her husband Wayne were. I am on medication for a depressive illness and my medication is being redirected for the better as a result of knowing Krissy. Her story and life is inspirational.

I recommend her to you with great hope that she will be the successful candidate for this award.” Yours Faithfully, Sarah – Robina Queensland

   “I was approached by Kris Matheson in 2009 when she was preparing for her book – From cancer  to Wellness; The Forgotten Secrets. Kris immediately struck me as a warm and caring person  who was passionate about sharing her story and lessons learned with others.

I maintained contact with Kris for several years before finally meeting her in person in 2010. Kris did not disappoint! Her vitality and passion for Wellness and her selflessness in sharing information is demonstrative of the person who she is. Kris is a person full of integrity and humility. My ongoing relationship with Kris is testament to her integrity a person and her vibrant personality. Her tireless and ongoing commitment to change the lives of others for the better makes her a worthy recipient of any award.” Kind regards,  Cara Phillips Director & Founder
Carmajé – pure botanical skincare.

 “I have no hesitation in providing a testimonial on the outstanding work Kristine Matheson is continuing to provide to not only the Gold Coast community but to our national community. I have known Kristine for approximately 7 years and during this time she has never deviated from her commitment and passion in providing nutritional information and environmental education to the general public.

Kristine absolutely ‘walks her talk’. She is kind and caring for others, always going out of her way to provide a shoulder to lean on and a compassionate ear. She whips up delicious and healthy meals at the drop of a hat showing us all how easy and quick it is to follow a healthy eating lifestyle. Kristine has unbound energy and is an outstanding ambassador for the effectiveness of her personal lifestyle regime. I am proud to know Kristine and am constantly impressed by her innovative and pioneering work in the nutritional and environmental fields. She delivers her knowledge in a down-to earth way which ensures everyone can easily understand the concepts.” Donna Louise Attard

 “What an amazing lady Kris Matheson is.  She gives tirelessly of herself, her time, her knowledge and her compassion.  She trawls with the sick, the ailing and those who need spiritual and  emotional support.  She goes out of her way to research any additional information to help
those in need.  She gives of her time endlessly to help others.  Her support for those in need is a lifeline when most need a helping hand. I have been one of those people.”
Ren Haley Gold Coast

 ‘From Cancer to Wellness – the forgotten secrets’ is simply brilliant, and Kristine speaks honestly and very informatively about this loaded subject which will affect all of us in some way at some time.

Her take on the cancer wellness industry is extremely well researched and the alternate path which she successfully took is simply inspiring. This book epitomises my own personal beliefs on the subject and strongly reminds me why I do what I do here at Unique, which is to represent alternate products that support a healthy immune system.” Dale Parkes,  Managing Director,  Unique Health Products

 ” Hi Kristine, Thank you for hand delivering the book to me to give to my sister Lindie. The book has given us more hope and has offered my sister a life line, I cannot begin to tell you just how powerful it was to be able to give my sister this hope to change her diet and understand that she can prolong her death. I want to buy another book from you when you have more in stock ok. Keep in touch and thank you again x” Tracie  Sorrento Gold Coast Queensland  Australia

 “Hi Krissy, Just a short note to let you know I think your amazing. I have just been diagnosed with diabetes type 1 (got it for Xmas, what a present!). It’s not hereditary but from a virus that destroyed my pancreas. I’m struggling with it but have the same idea as you that i can heal myself with diet to a degree where i can lower my injections down to twice a day from five. There is no fun being in hospital over xmas but due to the holidays most places were closed that were meant to tell me how to manage it so I had no choice but to research what i had to do. Nobody even now tells me the correct information e.g. all diabetics are deficient in magnesium. So I’m on the same track as you and believe strongly that diet can heal your body. I used to eat once a day now I eat three healthy meals. In keeping this short and not a life story, I’m so glad you did the article and showed people there is another choice instead or poisonous chemicals. Well done” Samantha

 “Hi Kristine My wife purchased your book on 12/3/10 and it’s interesting reading as she went through a breast cancer operation 7 years ago and is thankfully OK. We eat healthy foods but have learnt a great deal from reading the book and THANK YOU.

I know somebody with a friend in Poland who is going down a rough path at the moment and they are wondering if your publication is available overseas. Could you please advise.”  Bob Barnes

 “Hi Kristine, Loved your book. it was simple to follow without being too technical. Have CFS now for 21 yrs….been doing pretty much all that you mention in the book. It is good how you mention the brand names of Vitamins etc…..that makes it soo easy for sick people not to have to go around searching and buying inferior products.

Thank you again and good luck with everything, and I hope you continue to enjoy all the good things in life…particularly good health.” 
Nia,  Brisbane

 “Kristine, It was so amazing meeting you today. Like I said you inspire me to teach people how to keep themselves healthy. I am so looking forward to a seminar and maybe even being able to add an exercise aspect to it at some point.

 “Hi Kristine, My husband, Max forwarded me your email featured in the courier mail. I am inspired by your story, especially as I also was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2008. I also elected to not listen to the doctors and surgeons and have been learning as much as I can about alternatives and nutrition.

I also lost a friend very recently who was slightly younger than me, just turned 50, and who did follow the conventional path when she was diagnosed with bowel cancer just over a year ago. I just know “they” did not add a single day to her life and her year was painful and riddled with fear and anxiety.

Would it be possible for us to touch base with each other at some stage? I reside in Manly, Brisbane, so if ever you happen to find yourself this way, please call by. Or perhaps I could meet you somewhere in Brisbane.

I would also love to know is if there are any groups I can be involved with where we can have share our discoveries. As you would well know, cancer is a very expensive business, no matter which way you go, alternative or conventional.

Also do you have a website at all that I could subscribe to?

May God bless you and your journey.” Michelle  Brisbane

 “Hi Krissy, My name is Leslie and I just finished reading your book. It only took a week even though I work 12 hour days!! I have read so many “cancer” books and yours was excellent and informative and interesting all at the same time

I am gratefully well but many of my friends or colleagues have cancer and I have spent years reading and learning anything I can to help them with this frightening challenge

I am writing to you as I would like to send a copy to Canada quite urgently and I wondered should I purchase the EBook and if I do can I then email this to my friend ? I also would like to buy 4 additional hard copies for friends and I thought it may be inspirational if you signed the copies (only if possible of course) I would like to do this quickly so I don’t waste any time in getting this information to them so if you could let me know my best option that would be wonderful

I am also writing to congratulate you on a wonderful book. Thank you so much for sharing your information it is truly a blessing to have found a copy.” Leslie Moyard  Sydney

 “Hello Kristine, I have started reading your book “The Forgotten Secrets”, after first learning about it on Channel 7 in Adelaide. I cannot put it down….it’s is really opening my eyes to nutrition.

Anyway, your book is a particularly good read and I will use it as a guide. Lastly, I will bring it to the attention of my (Freemasons) Lodge. We are particularly interested in aspects of health and I know a couple of our members are, or have loved ones suffering health issues. I am sure that they will be interested in buying your book.

Do you have a cook book available, or in the planning? ” Brian Matthews

 “Dear Mrs Matheson I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to talk to my wife it has and will help my wife and her father get through this time in their lives.” Kevin Webster

 “Hi Kristine, Loved your book. It was simple to follow without being too technical. Have CFS now for 21 yrs….was doing pretty much all that you mention in the book. It is good how you mention the brand names of Vitamins etc…..that makes it soo easy for sick people not to have to go around searching and buying inferior products.

Just had the Metametrix tests in the US cost me $1000 for organic acid profile, stool and hair….best money I have ever spent. Are you familiar with any Drs in Brisbane who do these tests, and can interpret them? Now I know how to heal my body……. to get the biochemistry right.

My lovely Dr now turned Naturopath, who ordered the tests, is fighting cancer big time……the throat. He treats CFS and Autism naturally with great results.

If I ever recover, I would just love to educate people in nutrition… I find it fascinating. Most people want to run a mile when I start talking about it or food preparation.

Thank you again and good luck with everything, and I hope you continue to enjoy all the good things in life…particularly good health.”

Nia Holtom

 “Dear Kristine, Thank you for your lovely reply to my e-mail. What a wonderful story. You were always meant to be here, congratulations on your wellness. I am almost jumping out of my skin to talk to you about what you are doing. Let me state at the beginning after hearing your interview on Alan Jones Radio Show one morning you said a sentence, ‘cancer cannot live in an alkaline body.’ Well just the day before hearing you say that I was at a Wellness Centre having a lovely therapy session. The therapist was talking in general to me and out of the blue she said to me, ‘Cancer cannot live in an alkaline body.’, so you can imagine how I felt hearing you repeat the same words in the same manner.

Needless to say, my antennae went up and I got all the particulars about your book and headed off to buy it. No shops had it but they were going to order it. Luckily, last week I checked if the shop had any and guess what-they had only two copies left. I brought them both, one for myself and one for the wellness centre I go to, knowing a lot of the people who go to the centre will benefit and the owner was overwhelmed, knowing how much her clients/friends as she calls us will enjoy it. I cannot help but laugh as toward the back of your book you make a reference to ‘Maltesers’, because I brought two for that very reason, the need is so great. There is more Kristine, I went to work on Saturday and I was discussing your beautiful book with a work colleague, who has a daughter with cancer and of course she got on the phone straight away to get a copy. They had none so she ordered two! And, she was talking to some-ones’ mother in the cancer ward, (We work in a big hospital) and this mother is off to do the same thing, probably buy two also. You have given so much hope to others.

We all know even if our loved ones don’t make it to complete wellness we will all keep working for others to help themselves. This all happened within two days of reading your book, thank you again. Can I continue if you are not too bored? Many years ago one of my sons had cancer and he was only 24. I hadn’t thought much about cancer until he was diagnosed. Anyway I said to his treating doctor at the time, ‘I think the answer to the cure for cancer is too simple, that is why you do not know, you are looking for a complicated answer and it will be so simple.’ How prophetic those words were. I knew then that the right person would be found to tell us all and I believe in my heart you are that person Kristine. Your simplicity, your trust, your absolute unconditional love for others is so evident. I and my work colleague are so interested in helping you get your message heard, I’m sure we won’t be the only ones. My husband and I know the feeling of losing money.

My husband retired after 36 years as a Policeman and invested his super in a few funds. Going along nicely and two institutions went belly up along with his money and income stream. We did not like the fact some-one else had fun using our money. We could have spent it ourselves but didn’t. It isn’t nice at all. However my husband John isn’t always well so he can’t work. All that will change very soon for him I am sure when he chooses to do the body change diet. Luckily I still work and we have an income. I will get more information about your products on your web page later on.

I’m so full of gratitude and admiration of what you are doing. Watching a loved one suffer and feeling helpless is so awful even when you give your best to help them it never seems enough. I now feel like I have an army (that army of information in your book) to help me help my husband become cancer free. HALLELUJAH! Please don’t mind that my husband has to send the letters I just cannot manage the computer just; I only do what is necessary at work to get me through. I am sure this will all be changing very very soon. Thank you again “

Lesley Thommeny

 “Hi Krissy I was given your book today from a friend, you’re truly inspirational!” Rebel

 “Hello Krissy I recently acquired your book and thank you for the wealth of information, yet set out in such a well categorized and readable format. ” Craig Stokes

 “Hi Krissy I have been researching Nutrition now for eight months and found your excellent book by accident! “From Cancer to Wellness” it is just inspirational and now use it as a reference.” David

 “Hi Krissy I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June, underwent emergency surgery as the tumor spread to my abdomen and obstructed my bowels; only to come out of hospital and face weekly chemo. The tumor was removed completely.

I underwent chemo because I was so shocked that I didn’t trust I could heal myself given I live a relatively healthy life. I am a yoga teacher, food as medicine teacher, shiatsu practitioner….mum etc etc. I know I was burning the candle at both ends and working in a sales job I didn’t like. So the cancer prognosis was not that of a shock really.

An acquaintance posted your book to me and I feel very aligned to the principles and protocols outlined etc. During my treatment I followed your maintenance program which kept me very nourished and so chemo did not have a huge impact on me energetically; although mentally I felt helpless and powerless.

I have since stopped my chemo- I managed 12 weeks out of the 18 weeks and commenced the 28 detox program last week. I am managing very well for the time being. I am also using your suggestions for dispelling candida whilst on the juicing.” Jacqui Giuliano

 “Hi, I just wanted to say thank you. If I didn’t read your book I don’t think I would be on the right track. I was diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma Stage 4 in 2007 at the age of 24… I have gone through a lot of operations and treatments… A lot of what you say is so true and makes so much sense that I feel silly not thinking of it before… But when you put your life in someone else hands you tend to think they only have to answers… Today I am starting your program…Again thank you so much.” Karlee