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This page is dedicated to keeping you updated on  HOW TO EASILY access nutritional supplements plus a few other essential bits and pieces.

Many of you ask me where to buy supplements listed in my book.  The details below are for Jack Hammond who will post anywhere in the world if you do not have access to what you need.  Most are practitioner brands so they are not always available on the shelves at health foods stores or pharmacies.

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Know what food additives and cosmetic ingredients to avoid The Chemical Maze was written to make it simpler and easier to recognise additives and ingredients in foods and cosmetics having the potential to cause discomfort and ill-health. With this recognition comes freedom of choice and for many a new lease on life.

Over ten years of research

Bill Statham, author of The Chemical Maze has been sharing this awareness of what we are putting in our mouths and on our skin for many years now.