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One on One coaching

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There is nothing more effective than the personal touch from a person who has not only years of experience, but also has passion for the work they do.

Over the last 12 years, Kristine (together with her husband Wayne Matheson BHSc ND (U/Grad) have achieved international acclaim through the unique ability to combine all effective aspects of healing to achieve total wellness for their clients who follow their guidance.

Coaching for Good Health and Fitness

Following Kristine’s designed coaching program that is tailored to achieve your personal health needs will guide you on your journey from illness into a vital state of good health and wellbeing.

If you want to:

 •Build your immune system and get well with food.
•Understand what true nutrition is.
•Create positive, healthy habits that are vital in promoting both mental and physical health.
•Understand why nutritional guidance is important and why it may not be what you think.
•Rid yourself of dangerous food and substance cravings.
•Have the energy and motivation you need to achieve your wellness goals.
•Understand the importance of protein and how to get it from a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.
•Understand why it is imperative that the gut is healed first and how to do this correctly.
•Understand why regular scans are dangerous
•Why you have cancer and other health issues
•Bring joy into your life without fear and doubt.
•Beat cancer or any other health problems.
•Know why others in the/your family will benefit from Kristine and Wayne’s coaching.

Your most powerful tool is food…..As someone who has conquered cancer…Kristine knows food…..believe me, her knowledge and experience has saved, not only her life, the lives of thousands of others around the world.

Are you unsure whether your eating habits are on the right track and are you receiving the right guidance?



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Kristine also understands, fear and doubt…..not to mention the pressure placed on individuals once they are diagnosed with cancer to undergo harsh toxic treatments that do not work and effect our immune system negatively. It is not just the medical industry that is pushy in this case……it often comes from loved ones who do not understand the true mechanics of healing the body.


By designing a coaching program tailored to each person’s particular needs to achieve the health you deserve and desire.

If you have cancer, you will also have other underlining health issues. There are many systems of your body that are effected when you are ill, not just one. Cancer is a symptom of other health issues. Kristine and Wayne will coach you to work on the cause of illness – not the effect.


 •Comprehensive evidence based plan of action.
•Emotional empowering techniques to keep you mentally strong and focused.
•2 one on one naturopathic consultations via Skype or in person with Wayne Matheson.
•6-8 consultations with Kristine Matheson via Skype or in person.
•Unlimited emails answering questions.
•Nutritional counselling and support to understand nutritional deficiencies.
•Coaching in the area of food intolerances and why you may have them.
•The truth about sugar and other sweeteners – what is safe and what is not.
•Guidance setting up daily routines whilst on a detoxification protocol.
•Guidance in the area of nutritional supplements and where to buy and what not to waste your money.
•Advise on the best vitamin C – we do not all need Vitamin C IV’s!
•Guidance in the area of the right type of colonic irrigation techniques.
•Support on reading and understanding your pH levels correctly using saliva only with hydrion paper.
•Free E-copy of Kristine’s book ‘From Cancer to Wellness: the forgotten secrets’.
•Free E-copy Kristine’s Candida Protocol Recipes
•Free E-copy Kristine suggested menus for your safe health and healing.
•Free E-cope Kristine’s Allowable Foods.
•Free E-recipes from Kristine’s Holistic Recipe Book and Raw to the Core Recipe Book.
•Raw Food strategies designed by Kristine who is a world class leader and educator in this field – be inspired.
•Postural Analysis, correction and alignment (this is important to improve digestion and the correct alignment of endocrine glands and other organs) via Skype or in person.
•Correct pelvic floor activation followed by safe functional activity via Skype or in person.
•Meditation strategies for mindfulness and relaxation plus mental imaging techniques for healing.
•What to expect after 12 weeks. What to expect after 24 weeks.


coffee-cup-desk-penWe will be asking you to fill out a questionnaire before we start working together. This is to ascertain your personal needs and requirements. It is totally confidential.


Kristine Matheson is the recipient of the International Women’s Day ‘Outstanding Inspirational Role Model Award 2011, nominated for Who’s Who of Australian Women 2011, 2012. Selected in 2015 Who’s Who International as Professional of the Year for her work in the area of Nutritional Health and Wellness, A registered member and featured in the Worldwide Who’s Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. She is an International best selling author and co-author of Olivia Newton John’s ‘Livwise Recipe Book’, Motivational/Inspirational Speaker Lifestyle/Wellness Coach, and Raw Food Expert. Kristine conquered cancer in 2005 after being diagnosed with stage IV metastasized cancer. It took her only 5 months to get well again after being told she would only have at best 12 months to live. This was why she wrote her book and has been guiding others ever since.

Wayne Matheson BHSc ND (U/Grad), Wayne specializes in the area of rehabilitation and injury prevention and working around and strengthening injuries, postural correction and alignment. He is a mind/body and meditation coach with over 40 years experience. He is in his last year at university attaining a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and Muscular Skeletal Therapy. He is in clinic on a weekly basis. His experience in the area of beating cancer not only goes back to his wife Kristine’s journey, but also his own journey with cancer when he cured himself using nature not drugs in 1980. He is the reason Kristine took a natural approach when curing herself of cancer 12 years ago. Wayne is also a certified nutritionist specialising in being a vegan/vegetarian, a herbalist and Pilates instructor. His disciplines cover being a Judo/Jujitsu coach for over 30 years using technique not aggression.

ALL ENQUIRIES: Kristine Matheson E: or M: +61 406535075.

Please note: You can invest in your wellness coaching through PayPal – Please go to Coaching in the top menu of the home page. We will send you the required questionnaire. Once that is filled out with all your details included, we can then contact you in person.


From the team at The Forgotten Secrets.

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