Full Body Resistance Tubing Exercises with Wayne Matheson

Join Wayne as he takes you through your daily exercises using only one piece of equipment and that is the resistance tubing. Train anytime, anyplace and at your own pace.

From beginners to advanced you will be able to tone up your whole body using Wayne’s new innovative approach to exercise with his 40 years’ experience as a Personal Trainer and Judo Coach plus contemporary and ballroom Latin dancer; you are in for a great time.

DVD 1 An Arm workout to live (die) for. Three separate 10-minute sessions with three different lots of arm exercises. Plus- extras ones you can add in later if you want. Plus information about why we do toning exercises.

DVD 2 Your fantastic Shoulder workout. Explains which muscles you are using and gives three separate 10 minute sessions with three different lots of exercises. Plus extra exercises you can add in as well or at a later date. Plus more information about why we do toning exercises.

DVD 3 The best Chest and Back workout. Explains which muscle you are working and again gives you three separate 10 minute sessions with three different lots of exercises for both Chest and Back. Plus – more information.

DVD 4 The ultimate Leg workout. This is it! Explains the muscles you are working and again gives you three 10-minute sessions, plus more information.

DVD 5 The awesome Abdominal workout with Wrist exercises and your Core and Pelvic Floor activation exercises. This DVD can be done 3 times a week if you want. Three 10 minutes sessions as usual with heaps of different abdominal exercises for you to add.

DVD 6 The full body is to be used only once or twice a week, when you have not been able to do the other DVDs; or when you are on holidays or travelling etc.

Use only one DVD per day. Do only one session on each DVD if you are in a rush, but try and do more if you can later in the day. Some 10 minute sessions may be a bit longer so as to complete the exercises.

PLUS: Wayne will send you the best tubing (2 colours and resistance) included in the price at a value of $220.00 for only $179 including free postage


More and More studies have shown that sensible strength training produces many health and fitness benefits. Key researchers have provided a wealth of data on the positive physiological responses to basic programs on strength exercise. Consider these 11 reasons to strength train.

  1. Immune system regulator: Both Men and Women who do regular strength training are up to 40 percent less likely to die from cancer, according to research. The findings suggest that muscular strength is as important as staying slim and eating healthy when it comes to protecting your body against deadly tumors.
  2. Avoid Muscle Loss. Adults who do not strength train lose between 2.2kg and 3.2kg of muscle every decade. Although endurance exercise improves our cardiovascular fitness, it does not prevent the loss of muscle tissue. Only strength exercise maintains our muscle mass and strength throughout our mid-life years.
  3. Avoid Metabolic Rate reduction because muscle is very active tissue, muscle loss is accompanied by a reduction in our resting metabolism. Research indicates that an average adult experience a 2% to 5% reduction in metabolic rate every decade of life. Because regular strength exercise prevents muscle loss, it also prevents the accompanying decrease in resting metabolic rate.
  4. Increase Muscle Mass Because most adults do not perform strength exercise, they need to first replace the muscle tissue that has been lost through inactivity. Fortunately, research shows that a standard training program can increase muscle mass by about 1.4kg over a eight week training period. This is the typical training response for men and women who do 25 minutes of strength exercise, three days per week.
  5. Increase Metabolic Rate Research reveals that adding 1.4kg of muscle increases our resting metabolism by 7% and our daily calorie requirements by 15%. At rest, a kilogram of muscle requires 77 calories per day for tissue maintenance, and during exercise muscle energy utilization increases dramatically. Adults who replace muscle through sensible strength exercise use more calories all day long, thereby reducing the likelihood of fat accumulation
  6. Reduce Body Fat In a 1994 study, strength exercise produced 1.8kg of fat loss after three months of training, even though the subjects were eating 15% more calories per day. That is a basic strength training program resulted in 1.4kg more muscle, 1.8kg less fat, and 370 more calories per day food intake.
  7. Increase Bone Mineral Density The effects of progressive resistance exercise are similar for muscle tissue and bone tissue. The same training stimulus that increases muscle strength also increases bone density and mineral content. A 1993 study demonstrated significant increases in the bone mineral density of the upper femur after four months of strength training.
  8. Improve Glucose Metabolism Researchers have reported a 23% increase in glucose uptake after four months of strength training. Because poor glucose metabolism is associated with adult onset diabetes, improved glucose metabolism is an important benefit of regular strength exercise.
  9. Reduce Low Back Pain Years of research on strength training and back pain conducted at the university of Florida Medical School have shown that strong low-back muscles are less likely to be injured than weaker low-back muscles. A recent study found that low back patients had significantly less back pain after 10 weeks of specific (full range) strength exercise for the lumbar spine muscles.
  10. Reduce Resting Blood Pressure Strength training alone has been shown to reduce resting blood pressure significantly. A 1995 study revealed that combining strength and aerobic exercise is an even more effective means of improving blood pressure readings. After two months of combined exercise, the study participants dropped their systolic blood pressure by 5mm Hg and their diastolic blood pressure by 3mm Hg.
  11. Improve Blood Lipid Levels Although the effect of strength training on blood lipid levels needs further research, several studies have revealed improved blood lipid profiles after several weeks of strength exercise. It is important to note that improvements in blood lipid levels are similar for both endurance and strength exercise.