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Over the last 13 years since recovering from terminal cancer myself, using diet and changing my lifestyle that included eating 80% raw food, exercise, meditation and a positive mind set, I have had the experience of successfully working with and supporting others on their journey with not only cancer, but other chronic health issues.

What is common with most people touched by cancer in particular, is that their experience has motivated them to make a healthy change with their dietary habits and lifestyle habits.

One way to jump start your journey to good health is to completely immerse yourself in educational programs that match scientific with practical, day to day applications.

Our mission as experienced nutritional and lifestyle educators is to open the doors of conscious awareness within you.  ‘First you must seek and then you will find’.

At our Life Transforming Raw Food and Meditation Retreat we address a range of health issues.  Our focus is on all cancers, cancer prevention,  preventing recurrence, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, weight loss/weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, gut issues, and general wellness.

Our week-end program is very comprehensive, with an emphasis on practical instruction and relaxation.  

During the weekend stay, our guests will attend educational lectures where scientific research regarding wellness and nutrition is presented in practical terms that apply to everyday life: raw food classes to further apply their education to real-life circumstances and participate in safe exercise programs that are particularly valuable to all guests to safely and confidently increase their body’s strength and capabilities.  Our focus on the mind/body connection explains the union of the two aspects of healing the body and the Soul.  Our healing meditations and visualisations empowers our guests with tools to relieve stress, increase the healing process and stimulate mental alertness for ongoing success.

Retreat, Renew, Reflect, Discover and Rejuvenate.

Relaxation and renewal will kick start your healthier lifestyle.


Twin Share

On behalf of the world and myself I want to express more gratitude to you and Wayne than I could have ever previously imagined.

By following the protocol in your book, your emails and the principles you showed us in the Health retreat, I have gone from immediately needing a radical prostectomy to cut out the cancer to having no sign of cancer in my body. By following the food and nutrition protocols I have not only eliminated the cancer but have also received numerous other health benefits. I am feeling the best I have felt for years. The arthritis has cleared up enormously and the upset stomach no longer occurs. I have made it through winter so far without any illness while people around me seem to be dropping like flies” Ross Edwards Victoria Australia

“I believe Kristine’s program should be compulsory for all beings on this planet.  This is how we all should be living if we are to raise ourselves to a higher level of conscious awareness.  It has a focus on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plane and puts us back into the driver’s seat of our own quality of life. A must for all” Michele Jones-Wilkinson author “Live your best life”


“Awesome day today helping out and learning new raw food 🌿 creating skills with the true healing power of nature. We dived into new ways to embrace our inner power through various visualisations, activation meditations and following the natural states of nature, working with the rhythms and seasons of our bodies. We learned that making stress our friend and viewing our stress response as helpful creates courage and resilience. 
And the scrumptious wholefood!!! The most zesty and fluffy raw lime cashew cream cake, raw miso soup, raw parsnip sushi (drool) and raw chocolates. 

Thank you for having us Kristine and Wayne, an inspirational couple who definitely walk their talk…. 🍒🍋🍊 If anyone out there is having extreme health challenges I highly recommend embracing your inner power and natures true healing power…… 💚  Amy Joyous Marais – Young Living Oils
















We want you to live the life you desire and be happier and more fulfilled, free of illness. 

Your gifts for attending:

  • Morning Tea on both days that will include one of Kristine’s healthy raw organic cakes and herbal tea.
  • Healthy wholesome Raw Organic Lunch on both days – using recipes from Kristine’s Holistic Wellness Recipe Book.
  • A copy of From Cancer to Wellness: the forgotten secrets. (We have discovered over the last 9 years that this handbook is not just for cancer).
  • Holistic Wellness Recipe Book based on 80% raw food 20% cooked food.
  • Organic Skin Care Samples. 
  • Gift Certificate for either a follow-up consult with Kristine or a session with Wayne. (These can be given via Skype if not a local resident).
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • $100 Gift Certificate to any future retreats.
  • 1.5L Bottle of Life Energy Water on both days.
  • Notebook and Pen

We can all have the abundant healthy life we want?


  • Knowledge and techniques to increase your immunity.
  • Increased energy, vitality and inspiration.
  • Control of food addictions – weight loss to wellness, cancer to wellness and more
  • Improved digestion.
  • Anti-aging techniques.
  • The ability to stimulate mental alertness naturally.
  • Stress management skills.
  • The ability to enjoy scientific meditation for healing, and mindfulness for de-stressing.
  • Great posture for good health
  • Safe functional movement  
  • Time management skills
  • All the skills to have abundant good health
  • Fun, laughter and movement to some great music that will touch your Soul.

We believe, our community must stop thinking that the answer to our ills is a quick fix by a pill, potion or miracle lotion.  Action to re-establish and nourish your body on a dietary, emotional, spiritual, and physical level is essential.  We will be helping you start your new life at our 2 day interactive workshop based on experience together with scientific and traditional evidence.

Guest speakers: Donna Louise Attard – Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor
Joel Grace – Sunshine Colonics, Alora Waldron – Miessence.

Call Kristine 0406 535 075 to book.

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Join me in the privacy of my home on the Gold Coast to master the art of raw and living food preparation balancing flavour, texture, proteins, carbs and fats using an integrative science based approach.

Learn how to easily use a good balance of 80% raw food in your diet daily without creating overwhelming stress for yourself.

If you are interested in the true art of healthy raw food preparation then this is a day not to miss. Become a wonderful raw food chef in your home. All produce, recipe book plus relevant resources will be included. The day will also include lunch and copious amounts of sit down food tastings.

I will only be able to have a small group of 8 people so the class will be very intimate and a hands-on experience.  

Menu for the day – not limited to:

  • Integrative nutrition
  • Raw sauces, fillings and dressings 
  • Raw lasagna and how to layer and serve with ease
  • Raw nut creams and milks
  • Raw Mexican tacos
  • Raw creative salads 
  • How to use sea noodles
  • he art of dehydrating raw pizza, raw tacos shells, raw ravioli, raw savoury tarts, raw crackers
  • Raw pasta fillings and sauces
  • Raw nori rolls
  • Raw almond hummus
  • Raw dumplings – using coconut meat as your pasta
  • Easy to prepare healthy raw cakes that will amaze everyone
  • Raw canapes – to entertain in the raw
  • Raw chocolate
  • Beat sugar cravings
  • Simple techniques for creating innovative raw living cuisine that all your family and friends will love.

And maybe a few more things if we have time. Plenty of Q & A – This is priceless information.

Tell a friend! I am grateful for those who forward this announcement to a friend!

It will cost only $280 for the day.  I supply everything.  The day will start at 9.30 am and finish at 4pm – still time to have a relaxing walk along the beach. Hop on a plane, bus, train or drive to spend a day that is well worth. 





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What you will experience:

  • Direct access to Kristine and Wayne Matheson so that you will fully understand how to harness the power of holistic lifestyle changes to stay healthy and empowered.
  • 3 stunning nights (4 days) at the world class award winning Gymea Eco Retreat Centre & Healing Spa.
  • Beautifully appointed double or twin share rooms with your own en suite. (Single rooms available on request).
  • Revitalising and rejuvenating hydrotherapy organic spa treatment.
  • Resort style magnesium pool.
  • Sauna and Steam Room.
  • Rain forest walks, Pilates, and safe body tubing for health.
  • Mindfulness, meditation and creative visualisation sessions.
  • Emotional healing for mental balance, stability and to improve sleep.
  • Mind body medicine, stress management techniques.
  • Demonstrations on how to make rejuvenating food with recipes to take home with you so you can continue on your healing journey.
  • Improved digestion/assimilation, immunity and anti-ageing techniques.
  • World class organic gourmet raw meals, snacks and beverages.
  • Gift bag including Kristine’s Holistic Wellness Recipe Book.

The peaceful atmosphere and spirit at Gymea, will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. Most importantly you will feel energised and inspired to take life with renewed levels of meaning, connection and empowerment. Together we will kick start your body clock so you will feel more energised – mentally, emotionally and physically.


‘I believe that Kristine and Wayne Matheson’s program should be compulsory for all beings on the planet to attend.  This is how we all should be living if we are to raise ourselves to a higher level of conscious awareness.  It has a focus on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plane and puts us back into the drivers seat of our own quality of life. A must for all!!’ Michele Jones-Wilkinsen.

‘This has been a fabulous vehicle to help me take charge and transform my life.  It has empowered me to make some changes that will help me live my best life.  In helping me open my mind to new possibilities you have made a huge difference in those people closest to me also.  Thank you, just doesn’t seem enough.  Thank you, you are very very special people’ Linda Perkins.

‘This was totally new to us and totally eye opening.  I loved it so much I am determined to keep striving to keep on track.  I’ve never met such passionate lovely people.  Thank you so much’ Glen Perkins.

‘I could not imagine having a better experience in order to start reclaiming my health.  The care and nurturing that Krissy and Wayne provide, live and breathe extends to all.  The food is absolutely gourmet and the whole experience is inspirational. Thank you so much Krissy, Wayne and Donna’. Pam McGibbon

‘I think it is incredible how in 3 nights the retreat provides you with all the tools to really make fundamental improvements to your life.  The retreat is a multi-faceted attack on improving your health and well-being and I feel very privileged to have been able to live amongst such an inspiring crew.  Thank you so much’. Amanda.

 When: Tuesday 29th August, 2017 – Friday 1st September, 2017 

Where: Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa – 128 Bonnydoon Rd, Uki NSW 2484 Australia

We take all cards through PayPal:


Contact Kristine Matheson 0406 535 075 or email:

Cancellations in writing between: 1st July, 2017 and 1st August, 2017 will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the pricing. Any cancellations between 1st August, 2017 and 29th August, 2017 will result in a total loss of all funds paid.

Do join us and our talented team at this magical rejuvenating eco spa – we are looking forward to spending time with you – supporting you in your wellness adventure.

Kristine and Wayne Matheson.


Kristine Matheson

Kristine Matheson

Kristine Matheson 

Is the recipient of the International Women’s Day ‘Outstanding Inspirational Role Model Award 2011, nominated for Who’s Who of Australian Women 2011, 2012. Selected in 2015 Who’s Who International as Professional of the Year for her work in the area of Nutritional Health and Wellness. A registered member and featured in the Worldwide Who’s Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. She is an International best selling author and co-author of Olivia Newton John’s ‘Livwise Recipe Book’, Motivational/Inspirational Speaker Lifestyle/Wellness Coach, Retreat Facilitator, and Raw Food Expert. Kristine conquered cancer in 2005 after being diagnosed with stage IV metastasized cancer. It took her only 5 months to get well again after being told she would only have at best 12 months to live. This was why she wrote her book and has been guiding others ever since.  

WayneWayne Matheson BHSc Naturopathy (U/Grad).

Wayne is now in clinic at University completing his Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy.  Amongst his many talents, Wayne also specialises in the area of rehabilitation and injury prevention and working around and strengthening injuries, postural correction and alignment. He is a mind/body and meditation coach with over 40 years experience. His experience in the area of beating cancer goes back to his own journey with cancer when he cured himself using nature not drugs in 1980. Wayne is a certified nutritionist specialising in being a vegan/vegetarian, a herbalist, Registered Level 3 Exercise Professional, Certified Rehabilitation Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Certified NCAS Strength and Conditioning Coach, Certificate in Weight Control and Eating Disorders, and a Massage Therapist using techniques such as Myofacial Release to relieve pain. His disciplines cover being a Judo/Jujitsu coach for over 30 years using technique without aggression. He is a member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society, Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association, Australian Natural Therapies Association and Registered member of Fitness Australia.