Life Style and Cancer: Can Diet and Lifestyle Make a Difference?

//Life Style and Cancer: Can Diet and Lifestyle Make a Difference?

Life Style and Cancer: Can Diet and Lifestyle Make a Difference?

Over the last 13 years since recovering from terminal cancer myself, using diet and changing my lifestyle, I have had the pleasure of successfully working with and supporting others on their journey with not only cancer, but other chronic health issues.

What is common with those who have reached out for support and have been touched cancer in particular, is that their experience has motivated them to make a healthy change with their dietary and lifestyle habits.

One way to jump start your journey to good health is to completely immerse yourself in educational programs that match the scientific with practical, day to day applications.

Our mission as experienced wellness and lifestyle educators is to open the doors of conscious awareness within you. ‘First you must seek and then you will find’.

At our Life Changing Raw Food and Meditation Retreat we address a range of health issues. Our focus is on all cancers, cancer prevention, preventing recurrence, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, weight loss/gain, diabetes, heart disease, gut issues, and general wellness.

Our week-end program is very comprehensive, with an emphasis on practical instruction and relaxation.

During the weekend stay, our guests will attend educational lectures where scientific research regarding wellness and nutrition is presented in practical terms that apply to everyday life: raw food classes to further apply their education to real-life circumstances and participate in safe exercise programs that are particularly valuable to all guests to safely and confidently increase their body’s strength and capabilities.

Our focus on the mind/body connection explains the union of the two aspects of healing the body and the Soul. Our healing meditations and visualisations empowers our guests with tools to relieve stress, increase the healing process and stimulate mental alertness for ongoing success.

Retreat, Renew, Reflect, Discover and Rejuvenate.

Relaxation and renewal will kick start your healthier lifestyle.


Raw organic gourmet meals
Oceanfront 5-star accommodation
Healing meditations and visualisations
Easy anti-ageing protocols
Stress relief techniques and techniques to improve sleep
Techniques to overcome and prevent disease permanently
Daily walks on the beach with functional movement techniques for longevity
Pilates and special daily exercise
Educational lectures and gifted expert guest speakers.
Derail food addictions that lead to disease and obesity – no fad diets; gain confidence to prepare quick, easy and nourishing gourmet meals for good health.
Stimulate mental alertness for success.
Improve your skin’s integrity.
Improve your digestion – no more stomach aches or bloating.
“On behalf of the world and myself I want to express more gratitude to you and Wayne than I could have ever previously imagined.

By following the protocol in your book, your emails and the principles you showed us in the Health retreat, I have gone from immediately needing a radical prostectomy to cut out the cancer to having no sign of cancer in my body. By following the food and nutrition protocols I have not only eliminated the cancer but have also received numerous other health benefits. I am feeling the best I have felt for years. The arthritis has cleared up enormously and the upset stomach no longer occurs. I have made it through winter so far without any illness while people around me seem to be dropping like flies”
Ross Edwards Victoria Australia

“I believe Kristine’s program should be compulsory for all beings on this planet. This is how we all should be living if we are to raise ourselves to a higher level of conscious awareness. It has a focus on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plane and puts us back into the driver’s seat of our own quality of life. A must for all” Michele Jones-Wilkinson author “Live your best life”

Additional: Guests will also at our new venue have access if they choose, to a luxurious and comfortable spa environment using only certified organic skin care. Before any spa treatment guests will need to be accessed prior to the retreat to see if the service they are interest in is appropriate for their condition. Spa treatments are charged at a minimal additional rate.

Commit to you today so as not to miss out.

Time payments can be arranged by calling Kristine 0406535075.

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