Cartoon of PoohHow pooh do you Do? For another words how often do you Pooh?

Not such a pleasant subject, but an important one that we are often reticent to talk about which can lead to serious health issues.

Most people think that having one bowel motion a day is enough. Is it?

I guess this is because most people are what I refer to as a ‘meat and potato person’. Actually people who are big meat eaters often only pooh once a week, if they are lucky!

I am a great believer in having a pooh after each meal.

OK, pick up your jaw from the floor. It is how I believe our body needs to eliminate in order to stay healthy.
So what causes constipation? Not eating enough fibre, or drinking enough water plus a lack of exercise will do that. When I say fibre, I mean raw food. Not bread or having to take psyllium husks in order to do a phoo. Chronic constipation will lead to chronic illness.

Stress can also be responsible for not being able to phoo often enough. Chronic constipation may also be a symptom of IBS, colorectal cancer, diabetes, MS, depression, thyroid problems and more.

Our digestive system is remarkably efficient given the right food in the first place. If we compromise our digestive system with an overload of processed foods, red meat and too much cooked foods we are less likely to have a clean colon.

In a space of only a few hours from eating and drinking, our body extracts nutrients from what we take in, then processes these nutrients in the bloodstream, and prepares the leftover material for evacuation.

So I guess it is where the saying comes from ‘You Are What You Eat’. Eating live organic nutritionally sound foods will not only make you phoo, it is anti-aging, and it will enhance your immunity.

Unless you phoo enough, you will become toxic.

A great way to start your day is to consume fruit first up in the morning. I have fruit salad with almond or cashew cream for breakfast, salad and some form of vegan protein with lunch, then dinner might be a potato with guacamole and salad for dinner, or raw almond hummus with some raw crackers………etc. I also love my juices.  Eating this way will keep you alkaline too.

Look at my recipe section for some ideas or get a hold of my Holistic Recipe Book. Based on 80% raw and 20% cooked foods.

Believe me, with exercise, relaxation techniques such as meditation, and living in the now and taking some special time for yourself, you will feel amazing.

One thing you will need to do though, is make sure you do not have candida in the gut. If you do, address that first. Your bacteria levels in the gut, will dictate to you your level of absorption. #wellness #healthylifestyle #rawfood #curingcancer #cancer #organicfoods #colonic #coloncleanse #rawrecipes

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