stress-is-eating-your-company-deadlineBeing happy and relaxed in the now often takes a little doing with modern day stress.  If you are having sleepless nights, suffering from headaches, depression and anxiety due to stress then you need to do something about it.

So what creates stress in our life?

Apart from close relationships, we have to cope with dietary stress, pollution, fear of failure. fear of loss, competition in the workplace, work pressure, family expectations, financial stress, holding grudges, and the list can go on. Good grief it is a wonder we do not all go bush!

Our health is effected in many ways through stress.  So what can we do to relieve this.

I have always been a great believer in analysing why I am feeling stressed and making steps to nip it in the bud so to speak before illness sets in.  My journey with cancer has been a great reminder.  

Did you know that 20 million sick days each year are taken by Australian workers suffering from stress-related illnesses?

Cancer for instance is often created through acid stress.  Acid stress is an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to detoxify their harmful effects through neutralisation by antioxidants.  Our body becomes acidic and free radicals reign. Our emotions are linked to our immune system.  So we need to eliminate negative elements in our life and thought processes.

Here are a few tips on handling stress – see what attracts you and go for it.   Time for a change. 

  • Our mind is a healer so lets start with our mind.  For another words, be determined to see things differently – always be the change and not expect change from others.  Expectations can often lead to disappointment and anger. Creating more stress.
  • Forgiveness.  Forgiveness is a way to achieve our goal for a peace on mind. Write down a list of people and situations you need to forgive, including yourself and place them all in the light.  Forgive each and everything and everyone with heartfelt love – even those you have considered your enemies.
  • Staying away from stressful situations and people who trigger your negative reactions.
  • Surround yourself with positive loving people – this might even mean a job change.
  • Join a meditation group, yoga group or Pilates group.
  • Set up a meditation place in your home to meditate – light candles, incense or oil infuser.  Sit quietly on a daily basis to just be and relax.
  • Exercise first up in the morning when possible.  The endorphin’s released create happy thoughts and lead to a relaxed state of mind.
  • If you are a yes person, learn to say no when you feel uncomfortable about doing something in your heart you do not want to do.  No need to be aggressive, just state your case and allow others to be who they are.  
  • Try to let go of needing to control everything and everyone.
  • Gain assistance with dietary needs – food is medicine and a great way to balance the nervous system.  Make sure the person you are getting advice from has life experience, not just experience from a text book.
  • Have a massage or facial.
  • Go to a retreat and immerse yourself in the whole experience.
  • Find a Spiritual counsellor and/or hypnotherapist to assist you in self hypnotherapy.
  • Do something you have always wanted to do that you have avoided due to putting others first.

So that is enough to start with.  I could write another book on this subject alone….might be an idea!

Love Light and Blessings

Kristine Matheson

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