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Welcome to Kristine’s Cancer to Wellness! Where people come to conquer their fears and gain empowerment to prevent and beat cancer by addressing all aspects of functional nutrition, together with emotional, spiritual and physical needs.  Redesign your health with simple proven sustainable easy to follow protocols.  

Have courage and live in Wellness.


The way to jump start your journey to good health is to completely immerse yourself in educational programs that match scientific with practical, day to day applications.

Our mission as experienced nutritional and lifestyle educators is to open the doors of conscious awareness within you.  ‘First you must seek and then you will find’.

At our Life Changing Raw Food and Meditation Retreat we address a range of health issues.  Our focus is on all cancers, cancer prevention,  preventing recurrence, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, weight loss/weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, gut issues, and general wellness.


Our week-end program is very comprehensive, with an emphasis on practical instruction and relaxation.  

During the weekend stay, our guests will attend educational lectures where scientific research regarding wellness and nutrition is presented in practical terms that apply to everyday life: raw food classes to further apply their education to real-life circumstances and participate in safe exercise programs that are particularly valuable to all guests to safely and confidently increase their body’s strength and capabilities.  Our focus on the mind/body connection explains the union of the two aspects of healing the body and the Soul.  Our healing meditations and visualisations empowers our guests with tools to relieve stress, increase the healing process and stimulate mental alertness for ongoing success.

Retreat, Renew, Reflect, Discover and Rejuvenate